Greater Than Strong

No gym? Go for a run and find a steep hill. Do lunges, squat shuffles, backwards squat walks, and sprints up and down, 3 times through. Trust me, you’ll be tired.

Ps these names are not proper terms, I make some shit up because I don’t know what they’re called. Haha.

Squat shuffles: get into squat position and shuffle up and down the steep hill for each facing leg.

Backwards squat walks: put your feet together and turn your back to the hill. Bend your knees until you’re at about a 45-90 degree angle (depending on intended difficulty) and take small steps backwards until you reach the top of the hill while in your bent knee position.

Good luck!

I really hate myself when I decide to challenge my lactose intolerance. All I wanted was Greek yogurt! Ridiculous.

I was gonna go workout, but decided on a cocktail instead. Liquid diet?

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